New Singing Announced

Hell’s Hammer Music are extremely pleased to announce the signing of black metal band ANTHRO HALAUST.

Anthro Halaust

Hailing from Ukraine, these four mysterious musicians (Leksamor-bass, Sepfiroth-guitars, Imtaar-guitars, Psyhophisicus-drums) have been a part of the Ukranian black metal underground since 2004. Staying true their underground black metal beliefs, they have no online presence whatsoever, choosing instead to remain relatively obscure, lurking in the depths and hiding away from “the scene” – until now!

Teaming up with Hell’s Hammer Music, the band’s newest release “”Правды Осколок, Кровоточит Живым!!” will be unleashed to the masses in 2016 in both digi-pack and digital format and will appeal to fans of (early) Setherial and (early) Emperor. Prepare for absolute annihilation!

Listen to a track from the e.p here: Here