New Signing Announced

Hell’s Hammer Music are very pleased to welcome to the label roster Greek Black Metal band Serpent Path!


Formed in 2011 and featuring an ex-Phlegethon guitarist, the band formed a stable line-up in 2015 and began writing their debut e.p. ‘I, The Destroyer’.
It is ‘I, The Destroyer’ that Hell’s Hammer Music are set to re-release while the band finish the writing and recording of their debut album, entitled ‘Ventus Hermetis’ which Hell’s Hammer Music will also release. Release dates for both the e.p and album have yet to be confirmed.


Bonus material for the re-release of the bands e.p. will be a track taken from their debut full length album, for a taster of what to expect from the album, take a listen HERE

Head over to the bands Facebook page and give them a like HERE